Luciano Stefanelli as the founder of SI group grew up in Montreal, Quebec Canada studied at Concordia University in world politics and international business.

Holding dual citizenship, European and Canadian has had the opportunity to do business in Europe and lived in Venezuela and Columbia very young in his life where he started his networking for the past 26 years with many countries around the world in both the political and business world.

Luciano spent 20 years in the Maritime industry where 10 of those years was spend working for CMA CGM in an upper management position in the area of operations and procurement.

With all the experience and knowledge received over the years living abroad Luciano is well versed in many cultures in which he speaks 6 languages. Since 2008 gradually built SI Group where he now since 2013 is full time making it part of an international trading company where he hold the position of Chief Executive Officer.


Company was founded in 2008 and staffed with knowledgeable executives with 20 plus years experience for the purpose of international commerce.

During the past twenty years we have established ties in Logistics, Operations and Global Trade.

With these strengths behind us has enabled SI Group to become a leading supplier for world-wide commodities.

SI Group operates out of North and South America and Europe and has subsidiaries in all countries we conduct business.

One of SI Groups main focuses is Sugar, Rice, Corn and Soya being part of the soft commodities. Iron ore, scrap Metal, Copper and oil as our hard commodities from South America and the Middle East.

The company also offers commodities in the areas of:

  • Agricultural, beans, lentils, wheat, from South America and rice via Vietnam, Thailand.
  • Milk Powder via USA and South America, FDA approved to the Middle East and Africa
  • Oil and Petro Chemicals (D2, D6, JP54 and Crude)
  • Metals, specifically iron ore, copper, zinc, lead and Scrap Steel.
  • Sugar and coffee from Brazil to Europe, Middle East Africa and Asia
  • Exporting armored vehicles via Brazil And Colombia we are a parts dealer as well to Middle East countries and more.

Together Merging with a company in 2014 JJ Tactical LLP and SI Group have joined forces. JJ Tactical are U.K. Suppliers tactical equipment and military, police and immigration training from around the world.  They are a registered Company with SPIRE Export Control Organization’s Licensing System under UK and UN laws for the supply of such goods as Security items, Military goods, civilian products designed with a military  use or purpose, fire arms, police and paramilitary goods.


JJ Tactical’s discreet approach to resolving a government’s Military, Defense and Intelligence concerns are uniquely comprehensive.  It is JJ Tactical’s unrivaled global access to Military and Defense equipment manufacturers as well as superior Intelligence resources that affords international governments the confidence in JJ Tactical’s solutions delivery.

JJ Tactical specializes in providing government consultation and equipment in the following areas:

  • Military and Defense
  • Intelligence
  • Police Services
  • Immigration & Customs
  • Maritime Protection
  • Aviation Security
  • Prison Services
  • Asset Protection
  • Close Protection
  • Homeland Security
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • Communications Security
  • Location Specific Security
  • Residential Security
  • Venue Security
  • Defense Construction (Police / Border / Barracks / Armory / Factory)
  • Aviation Security & Airport Construction
  • Defense & Security Reviews
  • Aviation Maintenance & Repair Operations (MRO)
  • Aviation Upgrades (C130 / Helicopters)

SI Group has developed strategic relationships with companies and people around the globe with the right knowledge, funds and expertise to locate needs you require within our network and we are proud to have the JJ Tactical Group on board with us.


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